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Driving less aggressively as well as maintaining engine and tire pressure can improve fuel economy by close to 15%, allowing a US driver an additional 1,700 miles using the same amount of gas each year.
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Replace chemical detergents with soap nuts.

Soap nuts are all natural and chemical free. They can be purchased in bulk sizes with minimal packaging.

The used soap nuts are 100% biodegradable and can be composted with no negative enivironmental impact.

Because soap nuts also soften the laundry without chemicals you need only this one item for clean soft laundry. No more toxic dryer sheets or fabric softeners are needed.

If purchased from a supplier that packages in muslin bags there is no packaging to recycle. One pound of soap nuts will do up to 160 loads of laundry when used according to directions.

When boiled they can be used to replace almost all chemical based cleaning products in the home.

A multitude of uses for soap nuts can be found at http://soap-nuts.info

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