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Hi I think I would have to agree with bubblegum.

Hi claudia, me and watermelon are just meant to be friends. and thanks for not exacerbateing the subject like some people, AHEM* JORDYN COUGH* KASSANDRA COUGH*

You should be insulted you and have ruined my plan

Well Im sorry I thought you guys could finally do something that is not the opposite, like normal people.

Ahhhhh... Kassy your so funny but I hate what you have done.

Soo how was your weekend

I did a report on how to go green for Christmas and....... who am I kidding I got an A for that project.*COUGH purple is going to win COUGH *COUGH.

Can I join this conversation

Wooo!!!! Go Green!

Watch out Destanie is in the building and I think it is great the U.S is making a change

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