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Gdiapers are the world's first flushable diaper! A truly eco-friendly option to your standard disposable combining a washable, cotton outer pant with plastic-free flushable insert. (yes, flushable, so poop goes where it should, in the toilet!). Gdiapers are cradle to cradle certified. That means everything that goes into one of our flushables gets re-absorbed back into the eco-system in a neutral or beneficial way. So you are turning waste into a resource. At the same time, you are putting poop in the toilet, where it belongs, and avoiding the landfill issue all together.


Thanks for your comment, little-tomato.com. Great minds think alike—I'm working on a page about Gdiapers and biodegradable diaper options now. Check back later this week to see the new page. And tell your friends they can find out more about Gdiapers and other eco-friendly diapering ideas at GreenYour.com.


I posted to Craig's List that I was looking to buy used cloth diapers. I was so surprised at the responses. I got some VERY lovely Bum Genius, Bummis, and other contours for a very low cost. Most of them look brand new. I couldn't afford these diapers otherwise, but I'm so glad I am recycling someone else's diapers.

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