How you live—from the tomatoes you relish to your summer beach sojourns and your daily trek to work—determines the mark you leave on the environment. Things we take for granted have an impact on the environment - your jeans for example took about 1,800 gallons of water to produce the cotton they're made from, last night's meal at your favorite downtown bistro also upped your personal eco-impact (restaurants devour more energy per square foot than any other US industry). Even your morning beauty regimen takes its toll on the earth. Most commercial face washes, are made with phenoxyethanol, parabens, and triclosan, among many other chemicals, all of which are classified as toxic substances that risk contaminating water and soil upon disposal.

It all adds up. That's why making green choices is so vital. Indeed, for almost everything you wear, eat, buy, play with, text with, read, enjoy, and celebrate there are green alternatives that not only lighten your lifestyle footprint but also nudge you further along the path toward sustainable living.

Let GreenYour show you how to live greener without sacrificing fun, fashion—or Fido—with this guide to eco-friendly living:





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  • parabens: This family of preservatives (which includes methyl-, ethyl-, propyl- and butyl-parabens) can affect the endocrine system, which produces the body's hormones.
  • phenoxyethanol: A toxic chemical that poses potential risks to pregnancy, fertility and early human development.[1]
  • triclosan: An antibacterial agent that can cause everything from skin and eye irritation to the formation of dioxin and chloroform under the right circumstances. Both are probable carcinogens.