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i never know if i should boil water or microwave... what's the deal?

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More than a 1/4 of all food is thrown out every year, creating a pile of rotting waste that weighs 96Bn pounds and costs $1 Bn to dispose of annually.
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yes sonya! in south america it is also common to get the chicken stew with claw included. really makes you think twice about taking the animal's life when you are chewing on that claw... ;)

awesome case study. we also make use of several magic plants in our home... ;)

love the collective wisdom that we can find on the web when people start digging out the dirt of the "cleaning" industry! agree with what robert has to say, although i doubt that readers of GY will suddenly jump in the Hudson river and bathe with non-bacterial soap. NOTE TO READERS: keep showering in your bathrooms! ;)

you can now buy from amazon and look for "frustration-free packaging" which is an initiative they have where manufacturers make stuff with limited packaging. check it out:

hey i love this tip. i was just shopping for pumpkin this weekend and wished i had planted my own in the community garden we have... definitely a must do for 2009! also... plant your own christmas tree or simply change religion for one that does not advocate for massive deforestation! kidding... we all know jesus was a hippie... but we don't seem to be following his word very well! this is exactly why the upcoming election is crucial for the US. we need leaders who understand that our economic prosperity, national security, and environmental sustainability are all integrated challenges that need innovative solutions. not more of the same. watch this:

used is the way to go. especially in the US with great road conditions and quick price-decline in vehicles right out of the dealers. you get a great deal, get a fuel efficient vehicle, keep cars out of landfills, and decrease the demand for brand new vehicles.

i don't know. everyone says to turn the water off while shampooing, etc... but would like to see how many people actually do it. i get cold in there with now hot water running. i always prefer to simply do faster showers... sometimes with natural timers (like pasta boiling so i know i have 8 minutes... ;)

hmmm... i wonder if the carbon from shipping your used shoes is worth it compared to the landfill impact of throwing them out. my steps:
1. use them to the very end.
2. look for local store to take them bak- as mentioned by michmadd above
3. donate at your local salvation army
4. throw em out!
5. keep them in your closet fro 7 years until your cousin has her wedding in Oregon and then ship them from there! :)

love it, rebecca. "don't drink and drive. get on the shuttle!" nice way to be green and add fun to your wedding!

cut to the chase: vote democrat! green should be a cross-party issue, but unfortunately the reps have not managed to put energy independence and climate change at the forefront of their campaign. its questionable what they would do in the next 4 years after seeing how the current administration has done nothing. just listen to the attendees of the republican convention chanting "drill baby drill" and giuliani chanting along... its sad...

on the carpooling front, it helps to create a google doc (or other form of shared doc) in the office of people who are willing to carpool. everyone can put in their current commute and find a match in their office. this can also help employees to publicly display how many miles they used to commute and how many miles they commute now... if people care, it can quickly become a mini green battle in the office where everyone wants to go as low as possible :)

perhaps also quite important... if the rental car company only has gas guzzlers, express your preference for smaller vehicles and try to communicate that as high up the company as you can... (preferably not the front desk!) these people need to get with green flow!

fair trade is the top issue for me. sure shade grown and organic is nice, but when it comes to coffee, social justice is the priority for my cup. price per pound that goes to farmer increases from $.60 to over $1.20... the amount that multinationals pay farmers around the world is a bit ridiculous. i rather pay my extra buck in the north and feel reassured that someone is getting that money in the south. more here:

i love the list. there are so many things you can do with your existing AC before you throw it (or drop it!) out the window. shading and proper settings can go a long way! or simply embracing summer!

i have heard people talking pretty bad about this company. they don't seem to deliver, won't answer phone calls, ... more complains here:

hey. i love the product selection here, and the background info is incredibly helpful. one tougher questions, tho. how do we know if it is better to order the organic wine online (and have it shipped to us in, say... Kansas) vs. just getting regular wine at the local booze store? any idea on which impact is the lesser of the two evils?

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