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people that throw away things can be recycled

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The US generated 8 MM tons of waste from clothing and footwear in 2005—roughly 54 pounds per person.
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anyone know of a small, inexpensive, efficient wall unit?

great tips !

beware of products (incl milk) that say "no antibiotics" or "no pesticides" on package but are NOT organic. as this simply means that they were tested for pesticide or antibiotic RESIDUE. it DOES NOT mean that they are organic ie that pesticides or antibiotics were NOT used.

good recos

love these! please post more

anyone know if sigg has proven that their new bottles do NOT contain BPA??

thanks for the baking soda tip! tried it and it works great !

bought one of these and love it thanks!!

be sure to check that the tires of the rental car have been pumped recently!

use the glass water bottle that you get when you buy milk at the farmers market ! (not portable b/c no lid but great for next to desk)

great idea ! thanks for sharing

wholefoods will STILL take back old SIGG water bottles and replace them with the new non-bpa version. so trade yours in!!

no need to dry clean -- ever! wash by hand or just air the thing out!!

love this cleaner !!

Love the sherlock holmes looking-fella inspecting his rubarb! Do you provide those fab outfits to the volunteers?!

thanks for your feedback. we do offer some info on what you can recycle here.....hope it helps.

Any recommendations for where to buy an eco-tree?

Thanks for the recipe! I now have soup stock for a year :)

Good point, but if you only have it turned off for say a minute or so, then there will be minimal drop in temperature. It's a bit like the arguement that keeping lights on is more economical than turning off b/c of the energy req'd to "start them up", but the truth is the start up energy is minimal. Turning off is BY FAR a more economical route to go than keeping turned on.

You make an excellent point. I agree that this claim has been misleading. When it's stated that vampire energy uses 20% of the total energy of a device (pick your #), thats referring to all the energy ever used when device is being used as well as not being used. It does not mean that non-active state uses 20% as much energy as "active" or "in use" state. At least I don't believe so but will look into this more closely....

contact this eco shop which is based in ireland -- am sure they'll have some great recos....

here is a good place to start to answer part 2 of your Q. scroll down the page to see info on thermal windows......

Very interesting .... can you tell me which stores in NYC sell this brand? I live in Greenwich Village.

I've not personally, but i know a couple people that have ... here is video showing one method of doing it, though have to say, not sure its the greenest technique out there!!!

Does your book get into drying herbs?? It's something I'm trying to get a handle on ...

Go to and type in rainwater collection ... its a good place to start if its mainly images your're after..

yes! the SPF should not be affected by whether the base is made from chemicals or minerals. whatever the SPF says is what it is ... natural or not.

As they say -- if you're pleased with service you tell 3 friends, if you're not, you tell 30 -- in this case your message has likely been read by 3000+! so lets hope the co is listening ...

Tip #5: Resole your shoes! I have a pair of boots I have had for 15 yrs and resoled them 5 times. Every time they come back from the cobbler they are polished and look brand new. But dont ever have to be broken in again :)

We hear about high levels of mercury in fish but how does it get there? Coal. The mercury (by-product of coal)that goes into the air, ends up in the water, poisons the fish- that we then eat.

Thanks PJparty! Great reco re contacting a breed specific rescue group. I think this is one of the biggest barriers to people not adopting from shelters.

I've not, but one green "trick" you might try is placing the fabric in the freezer to freeze the sticky bits and then scraping them off with a knife. you could also try holding an icecube to the sticky bits as well to get the same effect, before trying to scrape them (or pick them) off.

you can buy from that site ... try going to this page...

action jackson: your co-habitants will let you know when you've taken it too far :)

I'm all for buying a local x-mas tree but if thats not an option for you, its good to see that all of Target's live x-mas trees are sustainably grown.

So sorry to hear that! We'll look into whether we should be removing this company from our list. Thanks for keeping us informed.

hi bodavis, i believe that the issue around being sure the tiles are at room temp before you lay them is so that they not do not expand or contract too much once they are laid in place, throwing off the alignement.

re recycling: here's a great site to help you navigate the recycling waters...

hey valpal, i'm totally with you on this one. i also think it makes the clothes SMELL so much better and by keeping them out of the harsh, hot dryer you prolong their life.

Tip #8: Buy a kindle (amazons digital reader) and never kill another tree again!

i just came across these beautiful gift "wraps" that are essentially silk scarves that you use (and re-use!) as wrapping paper -- -- really gorgeous.

i just came across these beautiful gift "wraps" that are essentially silk scarves that you use (and re-use!) as wrapping paper -- -- really gorgeous.

Most med-lg companies now have someone who is responsible for sustainability, or the environment or energy first see if this person exists. If they do, they should be able to provide this info. If not, ask around re who MIGHT have this info. Sending a caring, non-threatening email saying you'd love to talk with them about these issues, may actually be well received--give it a try.

Can any users give any reco's of CFLs that they love that are NOT a harsh green color? thx! can actually DROP OFF your Nike's at many of their stores w/o having to mail them in; ask your closest store if they'll take them (the huge Nike store in Manhattan, for ex, will)

I have a huge stack of ribbons at home -- i have not bought wrapping paper in years! i use whatever paper i can find (tissue paper from a clothing purchase, newspaper etc)and just tie a big colorful bow around the "plain" paper. No one's ever complained ;)

Don't throw out the wrapping paper or ribbon! If you don't think you'll re-use it, ask guests if they would like it -- chances are high that someone will be thrilled to have your castoffs.

Very often clothes that say "dry clean only" dont have to be -- wool, cashmere, cotton etc can easily be washed by hand with a gentle cleanser in the sink, else in the washing machine on a gentle setting.

Store up a bunch of paper you can reuse, take the stack to the copy shop where they have a paper cutter, cut it to a uniform size you might use for jotting down notes, put a big elastic band around the top and presto ! you have a notepad for random thoughts and grocery lists...

No need to cut the time IN the shower, just cut the WATER usage -- simply turn OFF the water when you're shaving or shampooing and turn it back on as needed.

A few more simple ideas of what to do with plastic shopping bags:
- pack shoes in them before placing in your suitcase
- put newspaper in them so it wont leave newsprint in your bag/purse
- carry fruit etc in them when you take it from your refrig to the office

Another brand that I LOVE is California Baby -- their face creams are 100% pure and are NOT just for babies.

One of my favorite brands for facewash is BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) - very pure, no parabens or fragrance. You can get it at most healthfood stores and some WholeFoods

another easy way to cut back on your plastic cup usage on the flight is to simply bring a large bottle with you and ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you. you not only eliminate the need to waste unnecessary plastic cups but you'll have water at your side whenever you want it.