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cool idk that u could green ur lotion this is very good for people lik rainbow and donut to use awesome

im back ...and im here

omg la cherrie i cant believe u jus said dat so embarrising to girl society ....

omg that would be so kool eco-friendly chochlet that so tite and eco-friendly candy so u lik eat anywhere wit nobody telling u to spit out or anything wen u jus wanana chew on some gum... but other peoples lik um rainbow love chewin papers and erasers they should also make those eco-friendly as well.

omg dats so kool awesome u kno since we love wearing dat stuff yup .. dcq

yes they are so great but dont u jus lik love choclet i sure do. choclet is da best ever

hey wats up i still think this whole with out a under wear sistuation is ew pee u

omg i toally agree with you that is so disgusting ... what the heck are peole thinking these days . that would be so nasty , there horrible body order

um.. ok i dont agree with the no undies situation first of all thats nasty ok.. then its not toatally hygenic,and if u agree ur just tared man p.o

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