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This is a great resource for people wishing to green their lives, but we need to ensure that the facts are correct... for example, air travel accounts for 2% of world CO2 emissions (UN IPCC figures), definately not 7%.

Regarding the 3-4 tonnes of CO2 from a return flight to Europe... in fact, a round-trip New York to Frankfurt emits around 832kg of CO2 and a Los Angeles to Frankfurt round-trip emits around 1,239kgs.

Clearly, these figures are still too high for people wishing to lead greener lifestyles, but the aviation industry is heavily involved in ensuring it becomes more sustainable. In fact, it could be argued that our industry has done and is doing more to reduce our emissions than most other sectors. The air transport industry has established the website to open up the debate about aviation's climate change impact and profile just some of the ways in which the industry is making progress.

Haldane Dodd
Air Transport Action Group, Geneva


Haldane, thanks for that valuable contribution. it does look like the 7% figure is dated. the most credible figure i can find is 3.3% (contribution of aviation sector to global warming) published by WRI and IPCC. check out the link here:
also, great to know that is engaging the public to discuss all the issues surrounding the industry and the solutions ahead!


On the % of GHG emissions figure in question, it's important to distinguish between CO2 and ALL GHGS. Air travel, as an industry, contributes about 1.6% of all GHGs (globally), but closer to 2% when considering CO2 alone (also globally). In the US, as the link Mateo sent shows, aviation contributes about 3.3% of all US GHGs, but closer to 4% of CO2 alone. Neither of these figures distinguishes between business travel and all other travel, so business travel impacts would be smaller.

On the "controversy" around carbon offsetting and standards to ensure quality: an important standard for ensuring the quality of land-based projects (such as reforestation and prevention of deforestation) is the Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard:

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