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another easy way to cut back on your plastic cup usage on the flight is to simply bring a large bottle with you and ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you. you not only eliminate the need to waste unnecessary plastic cups but you'll have water at your side whenever you want it.


There are some figures on this page that need correcting. Air travel accounts for 2% of world CO2 emissions (UN IPCC figures). The IPCC has an updated study on radiative forcing (the multiplier effect of gasses other than CO2) and the latest research shows a multiplier of 1.9x CO2 effect alone. But it is important to remember that every human activity has a multiplier effect (road transport, power generation etc) and the normal background rate is 1.5x CO2 effect alone. The best way to incorporate all these numbers is to give a 'total climate impact'. The IPCC says is aviation accounts for 3% of total man-made climate impact.

Obviously, any figure is still too much and what this page does do is highlight just a few of the ways in which the aviation industry is working to reduce its climate impact even further. We are now producing aircraft (such as the A380 and Boeing 787) that have the same per-passenger per-kilometre fuel use as hybrid cars and with the advent of biofuels and the advances in technology being made, the industry will continue to strive for even greater efficiency. The air transport industry has established the website to open up the debate about aviation's climate change impact and profile just some of the ways in which the industry is making progress.

Haldane Dodd
Air Transport Action Group, Geneva


Haldane, thanks for that valuable contribution. it does look like the 7% figure is dated. the most credible figure i can find is 3.3% (contribution of aviation sector to global warming) published by WRI and IPCC. check out the link here:

also, great to know that is engaging the public to discuss all the issues surrounding the industry and the solutions ahead!

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