Car renting

2 ways to Green Your Car renting

Need some wheels for your road trip that won't leave your green resolutions in the dust? Don't drive yourself crazy! GreenYour can help you find an eco-friendly car to rent or to hire.

  1. Drive a green rental car

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    Many car rental agencies now offer greener, more fuel-efficient options, including hybrid, electric, and biodiesel cars.

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  2. Hire a green limo or car service

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    The next time you travel, enlist an eco-friendly limo or car service to tame your carbon footprint even if you're just shuttling back and forth from airport to hotel.

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perhaps also quite important... if the rental car company only has gas guzzlers, express your preference for smaller vehicles and try to communicate that as high up the company as you can... (preferably not the front desk!) these people need to get with green flow!


be sure to check that the tires of the rental car have been pumped recently!


Why choose Green Limo?
Cleaner Ride
At Green Limo, size matters, and the smaller our ecological footprint, the better. That’s why we offer Toyota Prius instead of the our traditional car to take clients to the airport.
Our Toyota Prius vehicles emit on average an incredible 65% less CO₂ and up to 90% fewer smog-causing, health damaging pollutants than the our traditional car that make up the fleets of existing
Competitive Price
Our vehicles don’t need much fuel. In fact, the Prius uses only about one third the fuel consumed by regular sedan by Mercedes. We pass these savings to our customers, so by riding with Green Limo, not only are you doing your part to save the planet, you’re also saving yourself a little money.

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