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Sunshine Rentals (Key West, FL)

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Key West rental agency offers electric car rentals alongside bikes and scooters.


4 kids

Beware of sunshine rentals!!!!

We just returned from Key West and had a horrible experience with Sunshine Rentals. THEY ARE A SCAM!!!

They rented a 6 passenger vehicle to 7 of us so we wouldn't do business with another company who offered an 8 passenger vehicle. After making us sign paper work they immediately charged our credit card for the security deposit without our knowledge. Then they approached us as we were driving by their facility and informed us that we had violated our contract by having too many people in the car even though they knew for a fact how many people we had. We are in the process of disputing the charge and report them to the Key West Chamber of Commerce. Did anyone have any luck getting their deposits back?


wow 4kids! sounds like a horrible story. you often get these "green companies" forgetting to be "good companies" first and foremost. if we get more customer complains about Sunshine, we'll be sure to take them off GY.

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