GreenYour Web Tools

In the spirit of spreading the good green word, we have developed a few handy widgets and gadgets for easy access to GY no matter where you may be.

GY Widget

Download the GY Widget to stick on your blog or website to give your users easy access to GreenYour content. Play around with the wizard below to chose one of 4 sizes that best suites your site.

GY Plug-in

Reduce the steps in your green search with the GY Plug-in. Firefox and IE7 users can search GY content directly from their browser by installing this plug-in.

GY Shortcuts

GreenYour can't take credit for this, but in the spirit of maximum efficiency, we thought we'd share these Firefox shortcuts available for search engines.

Step 1: Right click on the GY searchbox and select "Add a Keyword for this Search".

Step 2. Type in something (we recommend "GY") for your keyword identifier.

Step 3. Type directly into your browser's address field "GY" and anything you want to green like "GY vacation" or "GY jeans" and you will land directly on our search results page.

We at GreenYour are continuously working on exciting new ways to bring fresh green content to you, the user. Our special web tools are just the beginning as we plan on rolling out additional applications for various different users and partners in the near future. If you have some brilliant green ideas, don't be shy. Please let us know!