Privacy Policy

At GreenYour we want our users to enjoy the site without concern and know that their privacy will be protected.

Our purpose is to help you find out how to green anything in your life and to help you help others green their lives. To do that well, we gather some information about the way people use our site. It helps us improve the site and understand what information people are most interested in. We also let you participate in our community of green-minded thinkers, shoppers and doers. In order to participate we need to know a little about you (your user name or email address, for example) so we can tell you apart from other people, and we allow you to tell us or others in our community things about yourself that we don’t need to know, but you might want to share. That’s what makes it a community.

Below, we outline what information we keep and how we use it. We respect your privacy, and we will never give or sell your personally-identifiable information (including your email address) to anyone. If our company ever comes under new ownership, this policy may change. If your email address is on file with us, we will inform you of the change by email and you will be able to opt-out of any changes in the way we use your information.

If you visit our site our servers collect and store your IP address, the type of browser you are using, and the pages you visited, including when you visited them. Our site also uses cookies, and if your browser accepts cookies, we will match the cookie to the pages viewed on your browser. A cookie is a tiny text file that our website gives to you computer that helps us identify your computer when you use it to visit our site. We may use this information to help us understand what pages people look at the most, and how long they spend reading the information we have put together there, among other things.

We also review tips and products that users are “bookmarking” as favorites. This information helps us see what is most popular among users and analyze any trends in user preferences.

If you sign up for our email lists, we will store your email address and your related preferences and only send you the kind of messages you sign up for. To send some kinds of messages (such as personalized messages), we may associate your email address with your profile, or your history of pages viewed on the site, so we can offer you a more personalized experience.

When users choose to use the GreenYour “search box” within and outside of, search terms are being collected by GreenYour to better understand the public demand for particular content. We do not support indecent use of the tool and do not necessarily endorse any websites where the search box is applied.

GreenYour is a resource of green information, and we link to many of other sites on the web. We do not share your personal information with those websites, and their privacy policies may be different from our own.

If you create an account, we will store your information and make some of it available to other registered users of GreenYour (such as your username) so you can participate in our community. You can choose to make other information about yourself (such as your To Do List) available to other registered users, or choose not to. We will associate the comments you make and other submissions to the site (such as product recommendations) with your profile so others in the community can see what you have contributed. We will use what you tell us about yourself to better understand who is using our website. Generally this information will only be used in aggregate with information about other users of the our website, for things such as averages (what is the average age of a GreenYour user?) and totals (how many people from Chicago use our website?). We will never share this information in anyway that would enable someone outside of our company to identify one of our users personally. We might share this information with other companies that are studying what kinds of people are interested in environmental issues or green products, such as our sponsors. We will not allow these companies or people to contact you without your express permission.

If you submit comments or recommend products, we may allow our partners to display those comments and products on their websites or in other media. If you include your name, username, or other personal information in your comment or product recommendation, it may be shared along with it. Also, if you recommend GreenYour or some of GreenYour’s content to others using our email links, your name and email address will be included in those recommendations.

Your account at GreenYour is secured by your own password. While GreenYour uses the highest standards to protect personal information that is stored in our database, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of your account information against technical or human error or others’ intention to compromise it.

If you are registered with us, you can modify your personal information at any time and may delete your profile and personal information at any time.

If you would like to delete your GreenYour account, please email delete[at]

If our business is ever reorganized or sold to another owner, our list of users may be transferred to the new owner, but they will be expected to abide by the terms of this privacy policy.

If this policy changes and we have your email address, we will email you to let you know. By using this site you are accepting this policy in whatever form it takes at the time you use it and for as long as we have your information.

Thank you for using Your privacy and comfort using our website are very important to us. If you have any questions about this policy you can contact us at privacy[at]

If you wish to opt out of all communications from GreenYour please email us at unregister[at]