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Pour boiling water over fruit stains

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This method of removing fruit stains goes back so many thousands of years, it's hard to know which civilization to give credit to, Greek? Roman? In any event, it works. So try it next time your blueberry crumble makes its way to your shirt.

Steps for removing fruit stain with boiling water:

1) Take off the stained article of clothing (this is very important in preventing 3rd degree burns)

2) Boil water in a kettle (pot will do too)

3) Stretch the article of clothing over a pot or bowl so that the fabric is taught (this is key as it stretches out the fibres and makes fore easier stain removal). You might try putting an elastic band around the mouth of the bowl/pot to keep the cloth in place

4) Hold the kettle about a foot over the cloth and pour a steady stream of water THROUGH the cloth (pour slowly so it really goes through the cloth and be sure to pour from up high! The pressure of the water falling helps to push out the stain.)

5) Repeat until stain is gone

6) If it's really stubborn you could try rubbing a tiny bit of soap on the stain, and then pouring the water over it.