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Give your stuff away !

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There are so many options for giving your unwanted "stuff" away that there is no excuse for throwing ANY of it in a landfill! Here are just a few options:

1) Leave it on the curb (if it's not total junk, there is about a 100% chance it will be gone by morning!)

2) Take it to Goodwill or other similar places that will try to first sell your stuff at the store (with the funds going to a good cause), else donate what they can't sell to those in need.

3) "Sell it" at a consignment store. It's essentially a donation as you may not get much but many consignment stores, use the proceeds for worthy causes.

4) Take it to a church or other religious centre. Many accept gently worn/used items and hand it out to the needy.

5) Give it away online. Many sites such as as well as newcomer are worth checking out.

6) Hold a "clothes swap" with friends. Everyone brings their "rejects" and swaps. A win-win!

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