Choose healthier cat foods

Choose biodegradable kitty litter

Compost your pet's waste

Choose natural flea repellents



We have been using the Yesterday's News litter for our kitties, with great success. We have discovered that we can burn the used litter (& feces) in the woodstove - they are basically wood pellets, so we burn them with a hot fire and it's a good way to reduce waste. Now we have to find a way to compost to a high enough temp that we can dispose that way when it's too hot to have a fire. Anyone know a resource for that info?


I just watched one of the programs about making your own pet food. Do you do the same for cats as you do for dogs?
Wouldn't they also need extra minerals,vitamins and such? what food can you make for a cat that helps prevent uti's and others such feline attributes? I found the answer to my question, just had to look a little further. thank you

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