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Use green credit cards

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Turn your regular purchases into small donations by choosing a green credit card. You get a stylish, green-designed card, and every purchase triggers a donation to an environmental nonprofit, too.

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To compare the general features of various credit cards, try this tool. Just remember: when researching which card to put your name on, be sure to specifically ask prospective lenders which organizations will benefit from their program (if it's not already apparent from the literature).

Before you buy

Though using a green credit card will generate donations for eco-nonprofits, the lenders may still be investing in dirty industries, such as unsustainable logging or nuclear energy. Your annual fees and interest dues may be going to support these less-than-green practices, so don’t get caught thinking this’ll totally green your spending habits.[1]

Using a green credit card helps you go green because…

  • You’ll be contributing money to environmental nonprofits or offsetting your greenhouse gas emissions with every purchase.

Big banks have often been criticized for funding environmentally questionable industries, such as illegal logging in Indonesia or oil pipelines in Russia. They’ve also been accused of funding political parties and causes that are anti-environment.[2] Banks offering green affinity credit cards hope to give consumers a way to make their everyday purchases work for the environment. For instance, a typical year’s $9,000 spending activity with GE’s Earth Reward MasterCard could offset 10 tons of emissions, or the equivalent of one individual’s annual carbon footprint.[3]

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