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Put some green in your wallet and green the planet at the same time. Whether it's investing in green stocks, choosing eco-friendly mutual funds, getting a green mortgage, or buying a certified green home, there's lots to choose from these days.

Does the thought of eco-finance—or any type of finance—make your head spin? Even if you think Warren Buffett is Jimmy Buffett's older brother, there's still hope: hire yourself a socially responsible investment advisor or green realtor to get you on the road to green financial freedom.


Put off by corporations willing to set aside environmental standards in favor of making a profit? Seeking to invest in companies demonstrating eco-leadership on matters such as climate change, water scarcity,[1][2] forest and wetland preservation,[3] wildlife protection,[4] mining operations,[5][6] and agricultural practices?[7] You're not alone. The Social Investment Forum believes that at least 9 percent of all investment decisions made today include some survey of the social and environmental costs.[8]

Corporations are jumping on the eco-bandwagon in an effort to cash in on the financial opportunities inherent in sustainable business management, giving everyday investors more green opportunities than ever before.[9] Whether you're looking to put your money into mutual funds or stocks, you should be able to find a money-maker that'll also satisfy your green sensibilities.
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Home buying

Home buying involves a series of careful decisions: home location, size, financing, real estate agents, appraisals, and more. Now you can add a green layer to all those decisions because an increasing number of home buying services, along with the homes themselves, are going green. A 2006 report by McGraw-Hill notes that green homes owned just 0.3 percent of the construction market in 2005 at almost $2 billion. The report predicts that growing demand will boost the market to $20 billion by 2010.[10]

And with that demand has come a host of green services to support it. Home buyers can now hire a green real estate agent or eco-broker who specializes in finding new or existing green properties certified by various agencies. Or buyers may hook up with a home builder who follows energy efficient and/or eco-friendly construction guidelines. Additionally, the purchase of a green home may qualify you for a green mortgage, which brings favorable discounts or rates based on the home’s increased market value and lower operating costs.
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Concern for the environment has been a political issue since the first Earth Day in 1970. While there's plenty of debate about whether it receives enough attention, politicians and elected officials now discuss energy use, global warming, and even clean air and water right alongside more traditional hot button political issues like the economy, national security, health care, and education.[11]
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