Give out scarily healthy Halloween treats

Dress up with an eco-friendly costume

Leave the car behind when you accompany trick-or-treaters

Craft a tricked-out reusable Halloween bag

Create an eco-house of horrors

Choose a local, organic pumpkin

  • Eat Well Guide

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    Eat Well GuideThe Eat Well Guide offers a free online directory of almost 9,000 farms, restaurants, stores, bed & breakfasts, and other outlets that offer sustainably farmed meat, poultry, and dairy products as well as flower products in the US and Canada. Enter your zip code or use the advanced search feature to look for antibiotic- and hormone-free animal products, as well as those raised via sustainable production methods, including organic, pasture-raised, and heritage.

  • FoodRoutes.org

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    FoodRoutes.org local foodThe FoodRoutes Network sponsors Buy Fresh Buy Local chapters throughout the country. These chapters find ways to connect consumers to local food vendors via outreach education, community events, festivals, and farmers markets. Check for a BFBL chapter in your area to see where to buy locally grown produce, flowers, meat, and other foods.

  • Local Harvest

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    Local HarvestFind organic, sustainably grown meats, dairy products, and other foods at local farmer's markets, community-supported agriculture co-ops (CSAs), family farms, and restaurants in your area. Local Harvest provides nationwide directories. In addition, the organization offers locally grown meat and animal products from family farms around the country via its online store—everything from bison and emu meat to duck eggs and sheep cheese.

  • The Organic Food Database

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    Organic Food DatabaseThis website database lists restaurants, farms, CSAs, and food vendors who sell organic foods in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world. The site also includes information about organic health, organic farming and gardening, and other organic practices.



here's another fun halloween tip: serve pumkin or squash soup INSIDE a miniature pumpkin that you've hollowed out.


I must say this advice on 9 Green Tips is fabulous.

Recycled costumes are great - We are having our first ever Halloween Party (Aussies) and I made my baby a Mummy costume out of his Dads old workshirt - cut off the sleeves, turned them into pants and added strips of the torn up shirt to the pants to look like bandaging.
The rest of our costumes were sourced from the Op Shop. I painted the detail onto my 4 year old's Ben 10 costume - easy and cost $2, is recycled and also reused.

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