4 ways to Green Your Politics

Whether you cast your ballot for the greenest candidate, write a letter to your Congressman demanding support for a clean water bill, write an opinion piece for the local paper, or join a local environmental action group, you can influence environmental policy and help create a greener community.

  1. Vote green

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    A vote for the greenest candidate could mean a cleaner environment down the road. Give your voice a greener pitch by finding out which candidate for public office has the best environmental stance, and then cast your ballot in support of him or her.

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  2. Urge your elected officials to support environmental policies

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    Solve the Earth's problems one letter at a time? When it comes to influencing environmental policy on the national, regional, or local level, the pen (or phone or e-mail) is truly mightier than the sword.

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  3. Join an environmental group

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    Join together with other environmentally minded individuals to up your eco-impact and increase your influence on environmental policy.

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  4. Generate media coverage to influence environmental policy

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    Green public opinion in your area and influence environmental policy decisions by spreading the good green news through op-eds, letters to the editor, media interviews, and more.

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cut to the chase: vote democrat! green should be a cross-party issue, but unfortunately the reps have not managed to put energy independence and climate change at the forefront of their campaign. its questionable what they would do in the next 4 years after seeing how the current administration has done nothing. just listen to the attendees of the republican convention chanting "drill baby drill" and giuliani chanting along... its sad...



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