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Fix leaky faucets

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The steady drip of a leaky tap can really add up. Fixing your leaky faucets at the office and at home is a way to keep water and money from slipping down the drain.

How to fix leaky faucets

Shoring up a leaky faucet usually involves disassembling the faucet and replacing the worn-out washer inside. But every faucet is different, and fixing leaks depends largely on the style of faucet you have.

Below are some how-to guides on faucet repair that cover a wide array of faucet types:

  • DIY Network: How-to on faucet repair, covering a range of faucets.
  • This Old House: A comprehensive guide to fixing your home faucet.
  • Learn2: A step-by-step guide on how to replace the washer on a conventional two-handled faucet, complete with cartoon illustrations.
  • Instructions for how to fix a compression faucet, including washerless faucets.

Fixing leaky faucets helps you go green because...

  • It saves water, as well as the electricity expended to carry and heat that water.

American households consume 47 percent of the water supplied by US utilities with the average home consuming about 90 gallons of water a day. About 14 percent of that is wasted due to faucet, toilet, and pipe leaks, which can add up quickly.[1] Indeed, a slow leak or drip can waste up to 100 gallons a week.[2]

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