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Choose ENERGY STAR light bulbs and fixtures

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ENERGY STAR light bulbs and fixtures use significantly less energy (up to 75 percent less!), last at least 10,000 hours, and come with a warranty.

Find it! ENERGY STAR light bulbs and fixtures

Check the ENERGY STAR site to find out which bulbs and fixtures qualify for the their label. Here are a few brands to get that light bulb going off in your head:

Choosing ENERGY STAR light bulbs and fixtures helps you go green because...

  • They use 75 percent less energy, produce 75 percent less heat, and last up to 10 times longer than standard lighting.[1]
  • Fixtures use one-third the energy of standard lighting.[2]

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that if every American replaced five of their most frequently used light fixtures or CFL bulbs with those that have earned an ENERGY STAR rating, that it would save more than $8 billion in annual energy costs. That's equivalent to taking 10 million cars off the road.[3] To achieve the ENERGY STAR rating bulbs must:

  • Last at least 10,000 hours
  • Distribute light more evenly and efficiently
  • Carry a two-year warranty

ENERGY STAR fixtures and bulbs are available at many home improvement stores and lighting centers and come in a variety of shapes and styles for both indoor and outdoor purposes. They also include convenience features such as dimmers, motion sensors, automatic solar sensors, and more.

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