Choose LED lighting

Replace incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs

Install light timers and motion sensors

Use a floor lamp or desk light to save energy

Choose ENERGY STAR light bulbs and fixtures

Buy an ENERGY STAR skylight or solar tube



I have more of a quandry than a comment: How do you effectively approach the decision makers of your company to even find out what green standards they already have and to suggest potential changes? The office building I'm working in doesn't exactly have an "open-door policy" when it comes to the administration.


Most med-lg companies now have someone who is responsible for sustainability, or the environment or energy first see if this person exists. If they do, they should be able to provide this info. If not, ask around re who MIGHT have this info. Sending a caring, non-threatening email saying you'd love to talk with them about these issues, may actually be well received--give it a try.



I'd say show them the hard facts! We've got a TON of information on greening your office here:, including many resources that should make it a snap to show your building manager the financial benefits of going green.


yes many companies are "talking" green but not really doing much about it. I would probably start by finding out who the purchasing agent is that purchases supplies and ask them about energy efficient light bulbs or recycled paper etc...they are usually lower on the corporate totem pole so that should not be too intimidating. If your company is truly huge and you have no idea even where purchasing is done then maybe you could start by suggesting some smaller discretionary items to your local office managers. I went out and purchased a couple of recycling bins for our office. Hope this helps.

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