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Invest in a laptop instead of a desktop

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Why be anchored to your desk when you could be "working" at your local WiFi-connected coffee shop. The atmosphere is far better than the cubicle and the coffee, hands-down better than the 2-hr old office-kitchen drip stuff!

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While choosing a laptop over a desktop will automatically qualify you for energy-savings awards, choosing an ENERGY STAR model and setting the power management features to their most efficient will get you the biggest power-cut for your buck.

Before you buy

If you've got a perfectly functional desktop, but still want to realize some significant energy savings, consider replacing your cathode ray tube (CRT) monitor with a liquid crystal display (LCD) since these use far less energy than their old counterparts. LCD monitors, which are used in laptop construction, also emit less heat and require less space than a CRT monitor.

Buying a laptop helps you go green because...

  • They require 50 percent less electricity to operate than desktops.
  • They require fewer components and require less energy to manufacture.

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