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i like the idea of buying big bottles of everything and using small glass bottles to refill. whether it is my shampoo or laundry detergent, it really reduces the amount of small packaging getting thrown out... if we could only get our refills at the supermarkets!


I just heard of a company that is launching a shampoo and conditoner that will come in aluminum cans.
You take them back to salon when empty and purchase a new can of each.

The salons will be sending those empty cans back to the manufacturer to be cleaned out and refilled. They will than be sent off to another salon somewhere else in the the country.

I spoke to the owner of the company and she said it will be incredible to have one can used at least two times, imagine three lot numbers on the same can.

The product is a high yield formula that gives you as many shampoos out of a 6.7oz can as a 17oz bottle.

It will be called Concept Vert from Prive Salon products.

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