Feminine hygiene

Choose organic tampons or organic pads

Choose cloth menstrual pads

Use a reusable menstrual cup

Use reusable sea sponge tampons



These pads are incredibly comfortable, absorbent, and affordable. The seller offers lots of options to customize the pads from the cloth pattern, inner soaker material, width, and thickness. They can be found at www.saucytots.com


I use Gladrags and sea sponge tampons. It takes a little getting used to, but after only one cycle I was hooked. I love my reusable products. They are also getting me ready to use cloth diapers one day for my future baby! Just be sure with the reusable pads to change the soak water every day. I would recommend the darker colors because they WILL stain. I bought the white organic cotton ones, but I just accept they will not be like new. EVER.


I had horrible problems with cramping and never suspected it was tampons. Once I switched to a menstrual cup, my problems went away! It takes some getting used to, but after you get the hang of it it's actually much more convenient than tampons (and more cost effective too!).

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