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Mar 23, 2009

WholeFoods' personal care products may be harmful to your health.

WholeFoods' personal care products may be harmful to your health.

Most of us assume that when we buy something from Wholefoods it has passed a threshold of environmental or health "inspection" by the retailer.   But this may not be so.  In some of their categories (meat for example) they seem to be highly vigilant about the animals, their treatment and origins and do not stock any products they do not endorse. In other categories however, there is a far lower standard and it pays for the buyer to not only be aware, but read the labels closely.  Many of the products in the BodyCare section contain ingredients such as parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates.  All of these ingredients have been shown in rigorous tests to likely be harmful to humans.  And yet you can buy them at WholeFoods.

Rather than choosing to not stock these products (it should be noted that even WholeFoods own lines of body care products are not to the highest standards) they have begun labelling the "purest" products with a "Premium Body Care" label.  It may be seen as a sticker on the product itself and/or a "card" hanging below the price. It's nice to see that WholeFoods is at least making important distinctions between products and educating consumers, but we don't think they've gone far enough.  For starters, the labelling is not obvious and even after asking several sales people about the labelling, there was a tendency for them to shy away from the issue.

Most importantly, if WholeFoods wants to best serve its customers, they should sell *only* what they recommend.  So message to WholeFoods: please *be* the leader in healthy living, that many of us assume you are and stock only what you endorse.